What does a Media Supervisor do?

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The job of a media supervisor is an extensive one. Media supervisors are responsible for leading a team of buyers, researchers, and planners towards the goal of spending a company's media budget. This position requires a great deal of experience, and most supervisors have been working within the media industry for at least five years prior to obtaining a media supervisor title.

Candidates for the position of media supervisor must have a bachelor of arts or bachelor of science degree from an accredited university. Graduates that have a strong background in advertising and communications are often the best candidates for supervisor jobs. Still, the successful completion of a university degree is not enough to secure a strong supervisor position.

In addition to any formal education, prospective candidates should have at least one year of work experience. This type of experience can be gained by acquiring an internship within the advertising or marketing field. Also, courses that are taken outside of the university setting are useful. This includes media courses that teach the latest advertising and media techniques.

Following an internship, university graduation, and extra course completion, those new to the advertising world should attempt to secure a position within an advertising company. It is preferable that this position be held for at least 5 years before applying to the position of media supervisor.


Rarely do outside candidates secure supervisor positions within large companies. Instead, a person wishing to gain this type of position should attempt to work his or her way up the corporate ladder. Through dedication and hard work, junior-level employees are generally granted positions that require a large amount of responsibility.

Anyone working in an advertising agency who wants to gain a supervisor position should find ways to become invaluable. This task can be accomplished through obtaining a graduate degree, taking specialized course, and demonstrating the ability to lead a team with success.

Since a large portion of marketing is now accomplished through computer usage, keeping abreast of current computer technology is essential. In addition, prospective media supervisors must be able to commit to their job entirely. This often means working nights, weekends, and overtime. Thus, a person with strong willpower, a positive attitude, and drive will thrive within the media industry.

Once the goal of media supervisor has been accomplished, keeping this position will require a vast amount of industry knowledge and excellence. Supervisors are held responsible for media dollars spent unwisely, though they are often rewarded for media campaigns that prove to be innovative and successful.


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