What Does a Marketing Communications Specialist Do?

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A marketing Communications Specialist formulates strategies and tactics to put forward messages about a product, service or company to the target audience with the aim of eliciting a response or informing the public. Within a company, the marketing communications specialist also plans all important communications with business partners, employees and new and potential consumers. Instead of focusing on only one facet of marketing, an entire range of methods are used by a marketing specialist, ranging from research and development to public relations and even advertising.

The key responsibility of the position is usually to effectively elicit a response from the company’s target audience. The target audience typically consists of various stakeholders in the company, such as consumers, business partners, and employees. This is normally done by creating a communication strategy for the target audience using elements that are proven effective for their various demographics. These specialists typically incorporate a variety of key aspects of marketing that are vital to keeping a company, product or service visible in the market as well as profitable.

Marketing communications is not exclusive to promoting products or services to consumers. In fact, an important responsibility of a marketing communications specialist is to effectively communicate with business partners and employees of the company. The purpose for this task is to keep business partners confident in their investment in the company and to keep employees feeling as though they are vital to the company’s livelihood.


It is a part of the marketing specialist job to thoroughly research and analyze past communication campaigns to deduct the most effective methods of communicating to the intended audience. The campaigns are usually from the same company. Marketing specialist may also important though to research communication campaigns from similar companies to have the most thorough analysis.

When creating a marketing strategy, the marketing communications specialist normally incorporates all aspects of marketing ranging from research and development to public relations and advertising to actual production. At first, research and development are used to discover the products and services that appeal to the target market and the best methods in which to promote it. Next, a strategy is developed that typically uses public relations, advertising, direct marketing and online marketing, among other techniques. It is then that the marketing communications specialist collaborates with other departments to create the most effective communications package. A marketing specialist may also assist in the creation of products and services for the target market due to his or her extended knowledge on what appeals to each particular market.


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