What does a Little League Coach do?

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A Little League coach is basically any adult who coaches a baseball team composed of youth, typically ages 13 or younger. The Little League coach will be responsible for teaching the players basic skills necessary to play baseball, but they will also be responsible for organizing rosters, uniforms, team funds, awards ceremonies, fundraisers, communication with parents, and a variety of other tasks necessary to make a team a success.

Generally speaking, a Little League coach must have at least a basic knowledge of the game of baseball. Successful coaches have often played baseball themselves and are familiar with the rules of the game. A Little League coach will give players fundamental skills to play the field and hit, and he will be able to assess a player's strengths and weaknesses. While it may not be necessary to be an expert on the game, it certainly helps to have a thorough knowledge of how the game is played. More competitive teams may compete to earn a place in the Little League World Series — a nationwide competition for youth — while other teams may be less competitive and more instructional.


More importantly, a Little League coach must set a good example for his players and act as a positive role model both on and off the field. The coach must interact with parents, umpires, other coaches and teams with the same respect he expects his players to show. Because young players are at an impressionable age, it is vital that any Little League coach emulate the very qualities he wants to see reflected in the players.

One of the activities Little League coaches will be responsible for off the field include coordinating team meetings. A team meeting will include all players as well as their parents or guardians, and the coach must set out team rules for both the players and parents. Further, the coach must keep a roster with contact information, and manage any funds and donations. Because of these administrative duties, a Little League coach must be organized and friendly, and be able to manage a lot of information and maintain a lot of relationships. He is a diplomat as much as a coach.

While high school coaches and other upper level coaches can be paid to coach, Little League coaches generally do not get paid for their time. They are almost exclusively volunteer positions, but some teams may pay a small stipend, especially if the job requires travel. Further, because of the age group with which Little League coaches work, it is not uncommon to see more than one coach per team to help manage the high energy players.


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