What does a Home Typist do?

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Home typists are professionals who prepare documents for employers or clients while remaining at home. In times past, a home typist would function with the use of a typewriter. Today, it is much more common for home typist work to be accomplished using a computer, word processing or database software, and an Internet connection. For people with strong typing skills, it is possible to build a stable client base and make a decent living without having to go to an office or other work setting.

There are a number of different home typist jobs available today. One of the most common has to do with the preparation of transcripts. Home typists who are trained as transcriptionists generally work from audio recordings of meetings such as quarterly financial or investor conferences, board of director meetings, or any other gathering where there is a need to prepare and maintain a written transcript of the event. It is not unusual for the home typist to be granted online access to the recording, particularly if the meeting took place via a web conference or audio conference call that was recorded live.


In addition to transcripts, a home typist may also function as a data entry operator. With this application, the at-home typist is granted access to a client database, trained on how to enter the data properly, and is issued assignments on a daily or weekly basis. Because the home job typist works as an independent contractor, the owner of the database can save expenses on wages and benefits by outsourcing this key function. In return, the home typist gains a client who becomes a steady source of revenue.

While the idea of functioning as a home typist is appealing to many people, not everyone can be successful with this kind of work. Along with the need to be proficient and fast with typing, it is also necessary to be able to complete assignments in a timely manner, establish and maintain a schedule each working day, and avoid the trap of putting off work in order to accomplish other tasks around the home. A home typist also must constantly be on the lookout for new clients and opportunities, since many assignments may be one time projects or extended projects that will only last for a few months.

A competent typist can usually begin by working on a part-time basis while still maintaining a full-time job. As the demand for his or her services increases, it may be possible to begin working from home full-time. However, many home typists prefer to keep a day job and use home typing assignments to augment their income.


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Post 6

@Laotionne - Most companies want their work at home typists to be able to type at least 60 words a minute. And most of the companies do require you to take a typing test before they hire you.

Post 5

@Laotionne - I worked with a lady who typed over 100 words a minute. She was a secretary. I do well to get 50 words a minute when I'm on a roll.

Anyway, when she was working with us she would also do at home typing for a publishing company. She averaged more money per hour working at home because she typed so fast. Eventually, she left the secretary position and did the typing from home. The last time I spoke with her, she was making twice as much money typing from home.

Post 4

Does anyone know how many words a minute you need to be able to type in order to get hired for a home typing job?

Post 3

Most companies that use home typists prefer that the people who work for them have some work experience where they went to a job everyday and worked as a typist. This shows potential employers you have a history of being a professional. Getting started in this business without some experience and strong references is a long shot at best.

I work in the medical profession and at home typists who get established in the medical community can get almost endless work typing medical reports or transcribing doctors' dictated notes on patients. Doctors don't have time to type all of the information associated with medical files because there is usually a lot of information.

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