What Does a Health System Administrator Do?

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Health system administrators are people who oversee the operation of medical facilities such as hospitals that also feature outpatient clinics. These individuals need to possess solid verbal and communication skills and be self-directed. An individual who wants to become a health system administrator should complete a two-year master’s degree in healthcare administration and gain hands-on field experience. A health system administrator is responsible for developing policies for his or her company, as well as managing budgets and his or her organization’s structure. This type of professional also establishes community relationships and supervises staff.

A health system administrator’s chief duty is to create organizational policies. He or she puts together standards on the establishment’s processes that are in line with government regulations by collaborating with other high-ranking company leaders. His or her goal is to develop both short-term and long-term plans that enable the entity to reach its operational and productivity goals.

A person in this job position has to have strong mathematical and organizational skills to excel as well. Health system administrators determine how their organizations will allocate funding for staffing and equipment and, therefore, need to be comfortable with developing and interpreting budgets as well as with monitoring spending. In addition, this person revamps his or her company’s structure and healthcare system as necessary to improve the quality of services to patients.


Building solid relationships with members of the external community is another necessary part of an employment role in this career area. A key part of the job is handling public relations activities by working with members of the news media to promote his or her company’s services. A health system administrator also works with people at area medical schools to draw aspiring physicians to his or her facility, and supports community organizations that provide health services by donating equipment, for example. Developing bonds with professional associations and even other hospitals is valuable for maintaining his or her company’s reputation as well.

Leadership skills additionally are critical to succeed in this industry. A person who wants to serve as a health system administrator should be prepared to recruit, hire, and train employees. He or she also evaluates personnel’s performance and distributes awards and promotions in addition to handling disciplinary duties. The administrator plans out his or her staff members’ work responsibilities and schedules to keep the healthcare provider’s system operating efficiently. This type of individual should strive to make sure that his or her employees have a positive work environment.


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