What does a Guest Service Representative do?

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It is often difficult to fully outline guest service representative duties. These people are often required to do what is needed for a guest or potential guest when it is needed. Sometimes this involves acting in the capacity of other staff members. Duties that they are likely to engage in include replying to inquiries, handling complaints, and assisting clients with check-in processes.

A person looking for this type of job may find employment with a wide range of employers. These include resorts, airlines, and casinos. Although these positions may be widely available, the responsibilities can be very inconsistent even within the same industry.

The duties of a guest service representative are generally affected by several factors. To begin with, the industry in which such an individual is employed will determine what she does. The other types of staff employed by a business can affect whether or not certain responsibilities fall on this person.


Despite all other factors, one of a guest service representative's primary responsibilities is generally to give positive perceptions about the business for which she is employed and to help maintain those perceptions. A facility's guests and potential guests often become acquainted with a person in this position before they have contact with anyone else affiliated with the establishment. In some cases, it is only through the guest service representative that people become acquainted with a facility. Before this contact, a person may have little or no idea about a business, what it offers, or the benefit of becoming a client.

Since a person in this position is often required to do what is needed to please a client, she may find herself acting in the capacity of others even when the positions are filled. For example, although a business may have a salesperson or sales department, it is common for the guest service representative to play some role in selling the business. This could be by convincing clients not to cancel reservations or encouraging individuals who make inquiries to utilize a service. Representatives often have the authority to offer incentives and to make deals that will encourage people to become clients or long-term patrons.

A guest service representative generally needs to have excellent communication skills. This job tends to involve a significant amount of interaction with people. Some may be found stationed at help desks or otherwise interacting with the patrons of a business. Some, however, do not have face-to-face interactive roles with clients or potential clients. Instead, they may communicate strictly by means of telephone or email.

Other common duties for this type of representative include helping people with check-in processes and assuring that the service they receive meets their expectations. These individuals may be responsible for changing reservations or ensuring that special events are properly organized. In some instances, it is the guest service representative who maintains client files that are used help to ensure that clients receive excellent service each time they patronize a business.


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I worked as a guest service representative for the last two years. I think that the experience I gain in this position gave me an advantage in the sales industry.

I am currently working in retail sales and I am doing very well meeting my quotas.

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