What Does a GMAT® Tutor Do?

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A Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT®) tutor helps prepare a student to take the GMAT® exam. The exam has three sections: verbal ability, quantitative methods, and the analytical writing assessment. A GMAT® tutor can provide personalized instruction in any or all of these sections, using methods that reinforce English, mathematics, logical thinking and essay writing.

Tutoring involves the one-on-one interaction between a person who is having trouble grasping the fundamentals of a subject, and a person who has mastered those fundamentals. The process typically entails providing personalized attention and guidance while a person works through academic material and sharing insightful explanations of material when needed. Tutors often design exercises and create lesson plans to accomplish specific goals. In this way, tutors are teachers engaged at an individual level.

Those preparing for the GMAT® sometimes need more assistance with the material than can be gained from sitting in a test preparation class. Some people take the test after a long layoff from school. Others need to pay special attention to a particular subject in the hopes of raising scores. Hiring a GMAT® tutor is a way to obtain the help needed at an individual level.


One of the benefits of using a GMAT® tutor is the ability to focus on the test taker's specific deficiencies. There is no need to sit through a classroom lecture while a teach goes over material that the test taker already knows. Tutoring allows the tutor and the student to make an assessment and craft an instructional program that addresses the student's most critical needs without wasting any time.

Individual tutoring is typically more expensive than classroom learning in a group. This approach can be particularly effective but is not suited to everyone's budget. One of the solutions to the ordinary cost of live tutoring is to use online tutoring instead. This new approach to an old educational model makes the cost of tutoring more accessible. A GMAT® tutor can be hired online to conduct tutoring sessions that take place virtually, by using Internet-based communications programs to meet and speak.

It can be difficult to select a GMAT® tutor by relying on a general search. Like any personalized service, whether the service ends up being worth the money depends on the service provider's credentials and intangible skills. Often, the best way to make this type of selection is by using referrals. Some tutoring services offer a money-back guarantee to raise a test taker's overall score by a certain minimum amount. This sort of guarantee can make the investment in a GMAT® tutor less risky.


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