What Does a Front Office Agent Do?

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A front office agent is an individual who handles guest responsibilities at a hotel establishment. These types of agents must be professional and have solid interpersonal communication skills. An aptitude for counting money along with strong organizational skills are critical in the front office agent role as well. Front office agents need to be flexible and punctual, possess a strong sense of responsibility, and be willing to act as liaisons between guests and many other departments at hotel establishments.

An important duty of a front office professional is to register guests. This essentially involves renting rooms at the establishment, assigning guests to certain rooms, and promoting other company services. Front office agents also must answer guest questions and handle any complaints about rooms or services. Checking guests out in a quick and efficient manner when they are ready to leave additionally is a requirement that front office agents must fulfill. For this reason, a front office agent should know how to use industry equipment such as a credit card swiper and an electronic key machine.

Individuals who work in the front office additionally must take time to communicate with clients. They should share information with current and potential customers regarding their organization’s services and any specials the business is offering. Initiating friendly dialogue with clients to establish a rapport with them also is a critical part of being an effective front office agent.


Handling money is a valuable part of a front business receptionist position as well. Agents who work in the front office are responsible for collecting payments from guests following completion of services after calculating the bills correctly. They additionally must ensure that they have an adequate supply of cash on hand to give change to clients when necessary during financial transactions. Posting charges to guest accounts for products and services such as food or room service is a front office duty as well.

Helping with miscellaneous tasks such as assisting with a breakfast serving period also is part of working in the front area of a hotel establishment. Front office agents additionally must constantly look out for the safety and welfare of guests and report any unsafe conditions to management immediately. Even helping decorate an all-purpose room or conference room for special guest events is in the job description of a front office agent. In addition, these agents should make sure that the main guest lobby area remains tidy so as to welcome guests comfortably.


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