What Does a Freelance Recruiter Do?

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In broad terms, a freelance recruiter plays match-maker between an individual and a larger group. So-called head hunters perhaps give rise to the largest percentage of freelance recruiters. Specifically, freelance job recruiters help organizations fill positions with qualified individuals. They work as independent contractors, and primarily contact and collect materials from prospective candidates. Sports recruiters and military recruiters might both serve as freelancers in some areas as well.

Traditionally, when individuals think of recruiters they think of individuals hired by organizations for the purpose of gaining new membership into an organization. These recruiters locate and talk to prospects. Their main job is essentially a strong sales pitch for the organization that will persuade prospects to join.

Army recruiters, for example, might visit high schools or other areas populated by young people in order to find young men and women fit for service. Sports recruiters, on the other hand, are employed by educational institutions or professional athletic teams to locate, keep track of, and contact promising athletes. Research and networking is important in the initial phases of this process, while communication via visits, phone calls, and other venues is essential for the final steps of recruitment.


Some freelance recruiters are employed by businesses as well, with the purpose of locating solid job prospects. When hired, freelance job recruiters may work onsite in the business's human resources office, or they may conduct matters primarily offsite via e-mail, phone, and other communication methods. They may search for prospects via traditional networking, social networking, and setting up shop at job fairs, among other possibilities. Further, the freelance recruiter will collect resumes, references, and any other related information from prospects, and may also set up interviews. Sustaining contact with potential employees should also be a priority.

Successful freelance recruiters will likely possess certain skills and knowledge. They usually have an ability for marketing and sales that allows them to craft an effective sales pitch for their client. In addition, a knowledge of basic business protocol is useful, particularly in the area of human resources. Strong people skills and a good network of contacts go hand-in-hand with these needs. Further, a sizable number of freelance recruiters specialize in a specific career field like technology or medical care.

Freelancing differs from traditional salaried positions in that individuals offer their services as self-employed independent contractors. In other words, the freelance recruiter will not be employed by a sole organization or agency. Rather, the freelancer takes on a several clients, usually on a temporary basis. Solid self-promotion can help freelance recruiters build a client base, such as building a professional website and advertising online or in print. Once a recruiter has garnered a number of satisfied clients, he or she can seek referrals and prosper through a good reputation with word-of-mouth advertising. A freelance recruiter also sets his or her own fees.


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