What does a Digital Asset Manager do?

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A digital asset manager is responsible for handling all aspects related to digital assets. A person in this role benefits companies by acquiring, protecting, and cataloging digital assets so they can be more efficiently used. Employing a digital asset manager can reduce the amount of time other workers spend dealing with processes related to managing digital assets.

Digital assets vary from organization to organization, but generally refer to most computer files used in business. Common digital assets used by a company might include training programs or files that help workers learn skills required for positions within the company. Other digital assets might include photographs or descriptions used to promote or sell company products or services online.

For a content producer like a writer, artist, or musician, digital assets include content that has been produced or converted digitally, like online articles, picture files, or an MP3 music file. Since content producers and artists depend on their work for income, managing these files is critical. Though most content producers manage their own digital assets, some may seek help when their digital asset catalog becomes so large that it is difficult to manage without professional help. Digital assets can sometimes be converted to print assets, like in the case of brochures or other print advertising. In these cases, a digital asset manager would be responsible for storing digital files needed to make print materials.


A digital asset manager might buy, sell, or maintain systems related to managing the digital assets. Digital asset managers can also help protect the digital assets from being stolen or accessed by unauthorized parties. Part of digital asset management can also include identifying and controlling unauthorized access to or distribution of digital assets. An example of unauthorized distribution of digital assets might include illegal file downloads or unauthorized use of an article that has been posted online.

Though the practice of lifting and re-posting digital articles without the consent of the writer is common on the Internet, it can impact the income of the writer who produced the content. Usually, a digital asset manager fights unauthorized use of digital assets by contacting people or organizations who are using unauthorized content and requesting that they remove the content. In some cases, a digital asset manager may need to file lawsuits to force uncooperative websites to take down infringing content or to recover damages caused by the unauthorized use of the assets.


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