What Does a Digital Account Executive Do?

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Digital account executives are people who make marketing opportunities available to companies that want to attract customers using new media. Types of media advertising include spots to promote products or services on website pages, cellular phone texting campaigns, and even the use of social media websites and online videos. A person who wants to become a digital account executive should complete a four-year bachelor’s degree in this field. He or she also must have strong interpersonal communication skills for working with a wide range of clients and should be extremely goal-oriented.

Solid selling ability is a valuable aspect of the role of a digital account executive. This type of individual has to publicize the availability of digital advertising to marketing agencies or to businesses that do their own self-promotion and wish to use new media to do it. Executives do this by creating presentations that communicate information about their companies’ media products and services. As a result, these professionals need to have strong writing and oral skills.


Creating reports additionally is an important part of a digital marketing salesperson’s job. He or she must put together reports highlighting customer sales results. The professional then analyzes this information to determine better ways to reach existing digital technology clients and convince them to purchase more of his or her company’s advertising services. A digital account executive therefore must be good at building and maintaining strong relationships with customers. These individuals also use data in reports to find ways to draw new clients to their businesses.

Directors of new media advertising accounts must possess solid design and computer skills as well. These individuals not only sell digital advertising, but also help clients to update their websites as necessary and facilitate purchased electronic mail marketing initiatives for them. A digital account executive additionally oversees design efforts for web advertisements and ensures that creative projects are completed according to deadlines. As a result, he or she must understand how to use markup languages used to generate computer website pages.

Account directors in the media field need to constantly complete training as well. This is important because digital technology continues to evolve and new products arrive on the market regularly. A digital account executive must participate in industry conventions that display new media items as well as take up-to-date university training courses in order to learn about the newest available technologies for helping a company to market itself to the public.


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