What Does a Delivery Technician Do?

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A delivery technician is responsible for the transportation of goods from a manufacturer or retailer to a customer's home or business. At the delivery location, the delivery technician will often set up the merchandise in the room of the customer's choosing and will make certain that the merchandise is undamaged and functional. The delivery technician also will instruct the customer on operation techniques, tips and troubleshooting methods. Another task that the technician will perform is filling out required paperwork, making certain that the customer understands the warranty and other vital or time-sensitive information. The technician also will answer any questions that the customer might have concerning the setup, operation or technical aspects of the merchandise.

There are four basic tasks that a delivery technician must fulfill while on the job, and delivery of the merchandise is only one aspect of the job. The technician also typically is responsible for setup and assembly of the merchandise. This requires the technician to posses some mechanical skills and the ability to read and comprehend sometimes technical instructions and directions. It also is the job of the technician to keep an accurate record of the delivery as well as demonstrate how an item works for the customer. Customer service after the sale also often falls directly on the shoulders of the delivery technician.


There is no prescribed educational path for a delivery technician, although an electronics and mechanical aptitude is widely recognized as a preferred background for most applicants. A clean driving record and the ability to operate a van or delivery truck are often a must because the job requires the pickup and delivery of items. Another must for the delivery person usually is the ability to lift heavy weights and to carry the weight for what could be long distances up or down stairs without damaging the merchandise. Good communication and people skills also are a requirement of this job. With some deliveries going to unattended homes and buildings, honesty, integrity and trust are also needed.

Other qualities a delivery technician should possess include punctuality and timeliness. The technician must be able to meet appointments and maintain a schedule that can become very difficult to keep at times. It is the job of the delivery driver to be familiar with and knowledgeable about the merchandise that he or she sets up in a customer's home. This is the only way that the customer's needs can be met during the questioning session following setup of the merchandise.


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