What does a Data Warehouse Architect do?

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A data warehouse architect is responsible for devising a plan for storing large amounts of electronic data that a company may need to access for business operations. A data warehouse is a larger storage system for this type of data and may include company networks, programs, and data collection systems. A data architect is in charge of a warehouse system from conception to building to training and support. A data architect determines how to best procure information from outside and internal sources, creates a data warehouse system to fit organizational needs, and monitors data, system success, and usage.

A crucial job function of a data warehouse architect is the setting of parameters regarding how a system will look and function. A warehouse architect must coordinate knowledge of how a company operates with computer science expertise to create a system that supports company functions and allows employees to access information and report it in a streamlined way. This generally involves a working knowledge of industry-specific data collection methods and expertise in designing them.


Once the architect has envisioned the system and designed the model, she typically coordinates with others in the organization to help build the model and integrate it into company functions. This may involve merging two or more existing systems or building a brand new system. To begin the build, a data warehouse architect will utilize the skills of technical and engineering staff members. The data warehouse architect may spend a lot of time individually developing the system with a great deal of independence, or she may be expected to work on a team of developers, combining their expertise with her own.

This type of employee must also be aware of and know how to correct problems within a data warehouse. She will be responsible for checking that accurate data is being collected, stored, and utilized. She will spearhead any analysis of a system and the methods used to correct problems. Additionally, she will oversee training efforts that ensure all employees utilize the system properly. This may include company-wide presentations, group instruction, or more individualized methods.

The data warehouse architect will spend a lot of time working on computer terminals and systems, and she may spend much time in strategic meetings with managers. She may also work in different places within a company building training employees, troubleshooting problems, and correcting inadequacies. This computer architect may be responsible for one major company system, or might be involved in many different projects, each with its own data warehouse requirements and specifications.


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