What Does a Customer Experience Manager Do?

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A customer experience manager is a person who works for a business or company and examines the needs and desires of the customer in such a way that strategies can be developed to make those customers loyal to the brand. Beyond simple loyalty, the customer experience manager strives to make customers advocates for the product, service, or business, spreading the word about the company to others who will potentially invest in the products or services offered by that company. The primary function of this manager is to expand company profits, but the by-product of this process is developing strategies to create happier, more satisfied customers.

The role of the customer experience supervisor is constantly evolving, and the specific job responsibilities of this manager can vary according to the type of company for whom he or she works. Analysis of products, purchasing trends, and the venues through which customers make purchases is one of the primary responsibilities of most people in this role. The manager will work to understand as much as possible about purchasing trends and customer experiences with the company so changes can be made to make customers more loyal to the brand. Customers who are exceptionally loyal to the brand are likely to become advocates for the brand, spreading the word about the product or service to others, and expanding the sales market for the company.


Unlike a customer service manager, or CRM, the customer experience manager may not interact directly with customers at all, though this may be part of the job. This manager is more likely to examine data, feedback, and research pertaining to the sale or purchase of goods from the company. He or she may also work closely with the marketing or advertising department to develop advertising campaigns that will draw on the customer's desires and needs. The CRM will aim to satisfy customers on a daily basis; the customer experience manager is likely to deal more with customer satisfaction in the long term, as well as strategies that will turn customers into advocates and built-in advertisers.

The qualifications of customer experience managers can vary significantly. Many have backgrounds in marketing and advertising, while others may work his or her way up through a company from the customer service or retail associate level. An understanding of customer trends and habits is important, as is creativity and a keen eye for detail. Computer skills are almost always required, and it is likely that this manager will hold a college degree of some sort.


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