What Does a Corporate Recruiter Do?

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A corporate recruiter handles most aspects of the employee recruitment process for a particular organization. Often working from within their own companies, corporate recruiters actually fulfill a broader role than just recruiting new workers. For instance, they are frequently involved in every stage of the process — from announcing job vacancies to screening applicants to working with newly hired employees and guiding them through orientation. A corporate recruiter works not only with individual job applicants, but also with the public, networking and advertising his company in order to attract desirable candidates. His daily responsibilities may vary, depending on whether he is a full-time human resources staff member working for a specific organization or he provides recruiting services to multiple companies as a contractor.

Most corporate recruiter jobs require the individual to help create and carry out a company's recruitment plans. He might work with his co-workers to produce the job descriptions for the positions they are seeking to fill, for instance. The recruiter might then visit college campuses, corporate job fairs, or other potential sources of talented job applicants. He typically publicizes vacancy announcements in classified listings and other places where job seekers are likely to look for employment.


Once job applications have been submitted for consideration, some common corporate recruiter responsibilities also include screening the candidates by reviewing their applications and conducting interviews. In some cases, the corporate recruiter might have the sole power to make hiring decisions on behalf of his employer. Otherwise, he might be a member of a selection committee that decides as a group whether or not to hire someone.

Some general corporate recruiter duties might also include administrative and record keeping activities during the recruitment process. For example, he might be responsible for communications with the job candidates, with their references, and with anyone else having input into the hiring decision. Recruiters usually maintain data on applicants and compile personnel files for those who are eventually hired. A successful corporate recruiter typically has a human resources background, along with knowledge of applicable local and regional employment laws. He is often expected to help develop and implement the company's internal policies regarding hiring and firing as well.

Recruiters who are not full-time employees of a particular company sometimes work as contractors for several different firms at once. Their normal responsibilities usually include familiarizing themselves with the unique needs and cultures of each organization in order to help fill job vacancies with the right employees. They might specialize in certain industries, such as insurance or law, for example, depending on their professional backgrounds and previous experience.


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