What Does a College Entrepreneur Do?

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A college entrepreneur is a person who juggles college classes while running a business. Often, people who want to start their own businesses finish college first and then go on to become entrepreneurs with degrees in hand. A college entrepreneur works toward a degree and a successful businesses at the same time. This may seem to be an impossible goal, but many manage to make supplemental income this way and some even grow their businesses into million-dollar endeavors.

An individual can choose to become an entrepreneur at just about any stage of life. When a college student starts his own business, he is referred to as a college entrepreneur. The only thing that sets a college entrepreneur apart from other entrepreneurs is the fact that he runs his own business while also studying to earn a college degree. He is still subject to the same concerns as other business people, including start-up and operating costs, profitability, time management, and marketing. If a student experiences business success in such a case, he can enjoy income not only while he is in college, but also for years after he has earned a degree.


While a college entrepreneur does face the same concerns and perform the same tasks as other entrepreneurs, he has a double load of work to tackle. Not only does he have to put in the time necessary to start and run his business, but he also has to spend time going to classes and studying as well. This can prove a challenge for even the most well-organized and committed person. As such, entrepreneurship is not the best choice for every student.

When a person does want to pursue this path, he has many options. He can start on a part-time bases, for example, which is generally the best bet. Often, a college entrepreneur will also make things easier on himself by starting an Internet business he can run from his dorm room instead of having to travel to a fixed location every day. If an individual does choose to start a business that has a brick-and-mortar location, he may find working with a partner beneficial. In such a case, he can stagger his schedule with a partner’s to ensure good coverage for the business as well as plenty of study time.

To encourage entrepreneurship in college students, some colleges offer a range of related programs and resources. An individual can also find numerous resources for collegiate business people online. Additionally, a college entrepreneur might take advantage of mentors who can help him make the right choices for business success.


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