What Does a Clinic Coordinator Do?

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A clinic coordinator is the manager of a medical clinic or doctor's office. The responsibilities and duties of a coordinator are to ensure that the medical clinic has everything it needs to run as efficiently and effectively as possible. This includes making sure that the clinic is properly staffed, as well as ensuring that it has all of the medical equipment and supplies it needs. The clinic coordinator also supervises employees and processes to make sure that the clinic is running as it should.

One responsibility of a clinic coordinator is to make sure that the clinic has the proper amount of staff and the right staff members to support the clinic's needs. If the clinic needs additional employees, the coordinator manages the hiring process by identifying candidates, screening them, scheduling interviews, and hiring the employees. The coordinator also tends to act as the human resources coordinator when the employees are hired and supervised.


The coordinator in a medical clinic also usually keeps an inventory of all of the medical equipment and supplies the clinic has. When the clinic is short on these supplies, it is the clinic coordinator's responsibility to reorder and replenish the supplies. If the medical equipment needs maintenance, repair, or replacement, it is the responsibility of the coordinator to handle these issues as well. Even if the clinic coordinator does not track inventory or the proper working of the equipment himself, he is the person that the other employees report these needs to.

Another of the primary roles of the coordinator is to make sure the billing of the patients is as current as possible. While the coordinator does not do the actual billing and coding, he or she is the person that supervises the in-house coder and biller or the third-party company that handles this task. The coordinator makes sure that the clinic is bringing in the income it needs to cover all of its expenses.

The clinic coordinator should have a basic knowledge of the patient load of the clinic and what is happening in the clinic on a daily basis. Managing patient load and complaints, and resolving issues that may take place during the day, all fall on the shoulders of the clinic coordinator. Another way to think of a clinic coordinator is a project manager, but in this case the coordinator is managing patients and a medical operation as his or her project.


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