What does a Chiropractic Assistant do?

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The main role of a chiropractic assistant is to assist a chiropractor with his or her daily duties. Most chiropractors employ a couple of assistants at one time. Thus, it is not uncommon for a chiropractic assistant to work alongside other assistants on a daily basis. Therefore, those people that are seeking employment as a chiropractic assistant should be willing to work as part of a larger team.

In fact, teamwork is a large part of this job position. In addition, an assistant might be asked to greet patients, juggle scheduling, manage claims, educate patients, and help with certain procedures. Commonly, assistants are asked to keep waiting rooms and examination rooms clean, which may require some maintenance skills. Sometimes, a chiropractic assistant may also be responsible for administering physical therapy techniques, though this is not always the case.

Since most chiropractic offices only have one licensed chiropractor, an assistant must be ready to take on a number of roles. Often, these roles include medical applications, and sometimes assistants may need to perform basic managerial tasks. A successful assistant is one that has a great understanding of computer programs, filing technicalities, medical paperwork, and customer service.


Those who aspire to become assistants in a chiropractic office do not need any type of formal schooling. While most employers often seek high school graduates, most assistant training is on-the-job training. That said, basic medical knowledge is a definite asset, since most employers will require some type of medical assistance at some point.

There is very little room for advancement within this field. Promotions are rare, though some assistants may be rewarded with a salary raise or the chance to gain additional information in relation to the chiropractic trade. Assistants tend to work Monday through Friday, though some offices may be open on weekends.

The best way to obtain a position as a chiropractic assistant is to apply directly to a chiropractic office. Alternately, positions within this field may be gained through a high school placement office, or through an online job placement website. Aside from possessing great people skills, assistants must also have basic math skills, analytical skills, and the ability to learn quickly.

Assistants must be dependable in order to secure a well-paid position within the chiropractic field. New high school graduates may begin a career in this field by obtaining an internship position. Even though there are a large number of candidates for assistant positions, only those that live up to the standards mentioned above will gain employment.


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Post 6

Some people are themselves ignorant of what actually occurs in a chiropractic office and what chiropractors are trained in. Do the research before making hasty generalization about their scope. DC or Doctors of Chiropracty are more than qualified to do physical therapy. In most cases however, they choose not to. CA's should not perform physical therapy due to their lack of training of course.

Post 5

I am an M.A. and I work as an Chiropractor assistant which includes me doing passive duties to patients myself. So you don't have to go to school to be a chiropractor assistant.

Post 4

@anon93970: Your ignorance of the field of Chiropractic is obvious. The National Board of Chiropractic Examiners (NBCE)requires training in physical modalities for licensure. Most states require that chiropractors have passed Parts I, II, III, IV, and the Physical Therapy portions of the National Boards. Clinical experience is required to graduate from the colleges. Your comment that a therapist is somehow more qualified than a doctor is absurd.

Post 3

italy12- Chiropractic assistant jobs are typically full-time. However, hours will vary depending on the needs of the chiropractor. Some chiropractors only work part-time hours and will therefore need part-time assistants.

Other chiropractors have many assistants and will allow a couple of them to work part-time hours.

However, keep in mind that the chiropractor usually has to train assistants. Therefore, they will usually only want to invest in assistants that are available full-time. They will not want to train 10 part-time assistants when they can train 5 full-time assistants.

Post 2

anon93970- I agree with you that physical therapy should typically not be done in a chiropractic office. Visit a physical therapist before visiting a chiropractic office.

I am interested in becoming a chiropractic assistant. However, I want a part-time position. Can assistants work part-time hours or must they usually work full-time hours?

Post 1

Physical therapy should not be done in a Chiropractic office. They are not trained on what to do and certainly an assistant should not even be working with a patient.

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