What Does a Change Management Consultant Do?

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Change management consultants are individuals who help to companies effectively control the implementation of new ideas that transform the way in which they operate. These people have to be sensitive to how workers at the businesses will respond to the changes and strive to make the experiences as smooth and beneficial as possible for both personnel and their organizations. A person who is interested in becoming a change management consultant needs to complete a four-year bachelor’s degree in business, although a two-year master’s degree makes him or her more attractive to employers. Industry professionals also must have solid listening, verbal communication, and written communication skills for working with a wide range of personalities.

A chief duty of a change management consultant is to identify a company’s key areas of need as the business seeks to implement a change. For instance, organizations may have to introduce modifications to their employees’ positions, technology, or company processes. The change management consultant needs to assess the situation to see how employees might resist the alterations and then put together an effective plan to communicate to workers the benefits of the alterations. He or she can host focus groups to gauge employees’ attitudes about the anticipated transformations.


People in this industry must be willing to address training and leadership needs at organizations experiencing major adjustments. If the company plans to use a new computer system to make operations more efficient, for example, a change management consultant is responsible for developing programs that provide education to staff about this technological software. He or she also has to design a sponsor roadmap — a list of duties the executive team at a company must complete as part of the process, such as participating actively in decision-making meetings.

Monitoring the success of planned changes at an organization and staying current in the field constitute critical duties as well. A change management consultant has to create measurement systems to determine how readily a new program or method of completing duties at a company is accepted, as well as its effects on the business’ level of productivity or on employee retention. He or she needs to ensure that the modifications take place on time and within an established budget as well. This type of professional also must complete continuing education classes on the use of industry software to ensure that he or she is using the most up-to-date methods for helping organizations to cope with transitions.


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