What Does a Car Sales Executive Do?

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A car sales executive is a retail salesperson who specializes in selling new or used automobiles. He usually works directly with customers to help them choose and purchase new vehicles. Some of his responsibilities include providing buyers with information regarding car care and insurance, and he often communicates with car manufacturers and others in the industry in order to stay up to date on trends, discounts and other useful information. As an executive at a car dealership, he might supervise the other employees. In some cases, he also might own a private car sales business.

It is common for a car sales executive to work as part of a team at a car dealership. A career in retail normally entails working many hours throughout the week, including evenings and weekends. The car salesman's time might be split between working inside in an office and outside on the lot, showing products to potential buyers and accompanying them when test driving vehicles. Many car sales executives work for a salary plus commissions based on their sales. As a result, they often have a reputation for using aggressive sales tactics.


When someone decides to purchase a car at a dealership, the car sales executive usually assists him or her with the buying process. There is often a negotiation between the parties to arrive at a final selling price that is satisfactory to both of them. Then the car sales executive and the customer complete the necessary paperwork for financing and insuring the vehicle. They verify the customer's financial information and work out the terms for either leasing the vehicle from the dealership or obtaining a loan to finance it. Typically, the parties also review details such as option packages and warranties.

Many people consider purchasing a new car to be one of the most significant decisions they can make. Therefore, a car salesman's knowledge of his products is of the utmost importance, along with being able to explain terms in a clear and concise manner and highlighting a vehicle's important features. To be a successful car sales executive, it also usually helps to be available for follow-up with customers who have additional questions or concerns about their new vehicles. He also may encounter the same customers if they come in for repairs or other services. Someone who aspires to be a car sales executive usually needs an outgoing personality, a polite demeanor and excellent customer service skills.


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And as cliched as it sounds, his job is to get you to buy a car at the highest price he can wrangle you into, and to get a bunch of unnecessary extras, if possible. It sounds jaded, yes, but it's unfortunately true at some dealerships.

Don't go unless your financing is secured before you walk on to the lot. That way, you'll know exactly what you can afford, and you'll have your interest rate locked in, as well as an idea of what your monthly payments will be for a car in a certain price range.

A good sales executive, however, will make sure a customer feels like a customer, and not just a commodity or a commission. He

or she will make sure the car is filled with gas before you pick it up, is washed and detailed, and may even throw in a gift card for gas for a certain amount of time, as a thank you for buying the car.

When I bought my car, I went to the dealership on Saturday morning, looked at it, drove it and made the deal. Since the finance man wasn't there, the dealership delivered the car to me on the following Monday, washed, detailed and with a full tank. I signed the paperwork in my office and drove the car home. Very convenient. But this was a small town dealership and you tend to get better customer service from those folks, I've found.

A good sales exec makes his or her commission without gouging customers on price or unnecessary extras. They are an asset to their company.

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