What Does a Business System Administrator Do?

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The role of a business system administrator in an organization is usually dependent on the particular requirements of the company under consideration for the applicants to that post. In some companies, the role of a business systems administrator is somewhat similar to that of a database administrator in the sense that such an individual has a broad responsibility that encompasses the development and management of a company’s database, in addition to setting up the physical hardware and the installation of the requisite software. Other companies have a more limited role for the administrator, who might be under the direction of senior members of the company’s tech team. For such a situation, the system administrator might be expected to also serve as a sort of customer representative person for the company in terms of answering questions from customers and consumers regarding computer-related issues.

One of the roles of a business system administrator is the setting up of the computer hardware in a company, which may involve the selection of laptops, desktops and other related computer hardware necessary for the company functions. To this end, the system administrator would have to constantly monitor the computers for any type of issues that may be related to the software or issues that may be related to the hardware. Such tasks will also include the periodic upgrade of both the software and the system hardware.


Another role of the business system administrator is the development of a database that will serve as a storehouse for the information generated by the company. Such a business system developer must ensure that there is a strong backup regime for the protection of the information in the case of any negative eventuality. He or she must also make sure that the server is always up and that there are provisions for the periodic maintenance of the server to make sure that it is running at its optimum. If for any reason there is a glitch in the server, it is the responsibility of this professional to fix the problem in order to restore the server back to its state of efficiency.

In some companies, the role of the business system administrator is more tilted toward mundane tasks and the responsibility of serving as a link between the company and the outside world in terms of Information Technology (IT). Where this is the case, the administrator may have the duty of fielding calls from customers about IT issues related to the company. The administrator may also play the same role between the company and employees who may have IT issues.


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