What Does a Business Librarian Do?

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A business librarian is a professional who works for a business library at an academic institution. This type of professional typically must have a two-year master’s degree in library science, as well as have experience working with computer software programs. A business librarian has to complete several duties, including assisting students and members of the public with locating business data, teaching library newcomers how to use the library’s system, and planning for the library’s future success.

An important job duty of a business librarian is to help students and even the general public find information. A librarian answers patrons’ questions regarding where to find certain business books or journals or how to access business databases on specialty areas such as accounting, economics, and marketing. In addition, this type of professional must help faculty members find business materials to use for teaching classes or facilitating tutoring sessions. Business librarians need to be willing to work one-on-one with instructors and students and, therefore, should have strong interpersonal skills.


Professionals who work in a business library additionally are responsible for leading training sessions on how the library operates. This is especially important for a new class of students entering the university’s business department each year. The librarian introduces students to the library’s set-up and explains where to find reference materials, as well as whom to ask for help. Developing literacy information goals and library-based assignments also is part of preparing training sessions for business library students. As a result, solid organizational and public speaking skills along with teaching experience are important for a business librarian to be successful.

Following a business library budget and building relationships with outside organizations also are critical parts of a person’s role when working in a library. The individual needs to understand how to interpret a budget and select library resources that allow the library to stay within budget. In addition, he or she must maintain contact with outside business centers and institutes to stay current on important resources in the field that the business library needs to make available.

A librarian who manages information in the business field always must develop objectives for how to improve how the organization stores this information. For instance, business librarians are responsible for determining how effective the library’s electronic equipment is, including patrons’ computers. A business librarian additionally has to constantly evaluate the library’s electronic business databases to ensure that they meet student and instructor needs.


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