What does a Business Development Coordinator do?

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The role of a business development coordinator can vary based on the size and structure of the company. Duties can include administrative, marketing and sales functions, and the required education can range from on-the-job training to a formal degree. In general, the position provides some level of support to those responsible for marketing and field sales duties.

The term "business development" traditionally denotes new business. The majority of work related to a business development coordinator position usually centers around new clients. The position may, however, also handle duties associated with growing the business of existing clients.

In companies that have separate sales and marketing departments, this coordinator often serves as the liaison between the two departments. This may entail ensuring that standard proposal, legal and brand language maintained by the marketing department appears on all sales proposals and bids. This may also involve working with both departments to ensure that marketing materials such as presentation binders, computer-based presentations, trade show materials and brochures meet both the branding goals of the marketing department and the functional needs of the sales people who regularly interact with customers.


In a company that employs a substantial sales force, a business development coordinator often serves as an administrative assistant to some or all of the sales people. In this case, the coordinator will probably make or oversee travel arrangements, set meetings, review expense reports and manage proposals and quotations. She may also receive reports from various field offices and compile them into a single report for review by sales managers.

A business development coordinator may also serve as a project or bid coordinator. In this case, she would be responsible for ensuring that all members of the design and production team understand the specifications of the client's project, accurately cost and price their individual activities, respond to communications in a timely manner and meet their deadlines. This happens most often in smaller companies that may not have staff dedicated to these functions.

While the training and experience required for a business development coordinator position vary based on the specific requirements of the job, some skills are almost universal to the role. These include the ability to communicate effectively with a wide range of people and exceptional organizational skills. Business development is often a fast-paced, deadline-driven environment and prospective coordinators should be comfortable with such a situation. The position most often reports to a sales manager or other sales executive, but may fall under the marketing department. In smaller companies, the role may report directly to an owner, vice president or other cross-department manager.


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It is crucial that the sales and marketing departments are on the same page in the business development process.

Salesmen may sometimes feel that they have latitude to tell potential clients whatever they want in order to make a sale.

However, company marketing materials and procedures were established for a reason by professionals taught to know how to analyze market demographics, changes and other factors to deliver the best product to the right customers.

If there are riffs between the marketing/advertising and sales departments, which are common, a good business development coordinator will be worth his or her weight in gold to the company.

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