What does a Building Maintenance Technician do?

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A building maintenance technician is typically responsible for the upkeep of commercial structures, buildings, or residences. Maintenance technicians may work in a number of different settings such as offices, schools, apartment buildings, stores, and factories. These professionals do not specialize in any particular trade, but are well versed in many different skills including plumbing, carpentry, electrical, and masonry.

The daily duties of a building maintenance technician vary widely, and may consist of almost any type of large or small repair that is necessary. In addition to repair work, these technicians also perform many types of preventative maintenance tasks and general administrative duties.

A maintenance technician is generally responsible for such tasks as repairing leaking faucets, cleaning-out clogged drainpipes, installing new locks, and repairing broken glass. In addition to these duties, technicians also repair, plaster, and paint walls and ceilings, diagnose and repair electrical problems, and perform many different types of carpentry work.

These professionals may also install machinery such as heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems, and maintain the computer equipment that controls the systems. A building maintenance technician may also be required to carry out certain landscaping and janitorial duties from time to time. In some cases, a technician will be responsible for swimming pool maintenance and water quality testing as well.


Along with overall repairs, a building maintenance technician must also carry out many different preventative maintenance duties. Technicians are usually responsible for routinely scheduled inspections of filters, fluids, belts, motors, and drive mechanisms, as well as lubricating the gears, bearings and shafts of various types of machinery. These routine maintenance inspections are necessary in order to ensure that machinery continues to operate correctly and heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems function in an efficient manner.

Maintenance technicians must also routinely inspect the basement, roof and exterior parts of a building for any signs of deterioration or damage. Some technicians are also responsible for inspecting and maintaining fire safety equipment such as sprinklers, alarms, and smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. In some cases, a building maintenance technician may also be responsible for certain types of pest control as well.

In addition to repair work and preventative maintenance duties, a building maintenance technician must also perform many different administrative tasks as well. Technicians must schedule and keep appointments for inspections and repairs and also keep accurate records of all work that is performed. They are typically responsible for maintaining an adequate supply of tools and repair parts, as well as reviewing operation guides and repair manuals. Some maintenance technicians may also be required to order new supplies and maintain warranties on certain types of equipment. In some cases, a technician may be responsible for supervising other maintenance personnel, as well as hiring and training new employees.


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