What Does a Benefits Project Coordinator Do?

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Organizations that are concerned with the financial, health and mental well-being of employees might take initiative to organize projects that promote these features. A benefits project coordinator is likely to spearhead any such efforts from the planning stages through the actual event, such as a healthcare fair or nutrition seminar. The benefits project coordinator likely is part of the human resource team at a company. This professional might organize provisions surrounding healthcare and retirement benefits for employees.

The type of establishment for which a benefits project coordinator works will shape the functions of the job somewhat. Primarily, however, work flow is tied to managing health, dental, disability and retirement programs for employees. This might involve leading some of the common projects tied to personnel management, but it could extend beyond the usual to include providing additional programs that contribute to the overall well-being of employees. Introducing a healthy relationship between work and home life might be a goal of an organization, and a benefits coordinator might create or adopt a program for employees to follow in order to achieve this balance, for instance.

An individual in a benefits project coordinator role is often able to multitask for various events that might be occurring. This is because there might be overlap from one major component of the purview of the coordinator's job to another. Subsequently, this professional is often working at a swift pace and performing with various deadlines and expectations in place.


Particular programs that might be overseen by a benefits project coordinator might vary based on the level of involvement that an employer has with the staff. A health screening is one such event that might be sponsored by a healthcare provider but that must be organized by the project coordinator. This individual might need to determine the timing of the event, space and resource requirements, in addition to the anticipated involvement by employees. Also, any such project that could transpire might require the input of senior management, and the project coordinator is often engaged in this communication process with top executives.

Each year, employers might put workers through an open enrollment process. During this process, the contracts of third-party benefits providers that are up for expiration are reviewed, and other providers might be considered. A benefits project coordinator could support this process and assist the administrative personnel who participate. This professional might also need to field questions from employees about any subsequent changes to the available benefits.


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