What Do Wedding Designers Do?

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Various types of wedding designers exist, each with a distinctly different job. Sometimes this term is used to refer to a wedding planner, who will help the bride and groom create a pleasant wedding within a specific budget. In other cases, wedding designers may have a more specific task, such as designing wedding dresses, tuxedos, flower arrangements, or even linens for table settings. Each type of designer works within the wedding industry to create goods or services that will be useful to the bride and groom during the often arduous task of planning a wedding.

Wedding planners are wedding designers who will essentially help organize all aspects of the event. He or she will have contacts within the industry that will help the bride and groom create the desired wedding within a desired budget, and with far less stress. Planners know where to get rental items, where to look for wedding dresses, where to rent tuxedos, who to contact for transportation, what vendors will offer package discounts for catering and hosting, and much more. In this case, wedding designers will essentially cover all of the details involved with wedding planning to make the process easier on the bride and groom.


Sometimes a bride will choose to have a gown custom made for the event. Wedding designers will therefore be necessary to design the dress to fit the desires of the bride. These professionals are essentially fashion designers who can create a gown to fit a specific look, and in many cases, the designers will even be able to create that dress by sewing or otherwise constructing it from various fabrics. Once it is created, designers may need to make alterations and adjustments to make the gown fit the bride perfectly. Fashion designers can also work with a groom to create a custom tuxedo to complement the bride's dress.

Floral designers will create arrangements to decorate the wedding venue. These wedding designers will help the bride pick out the best colors and types of flowers to fit the overall aesthetic scheme, and the designers will also create a bridal bouquet for the bride that she will carry with her up to the altar and beyond. The floral designers need to consider more than just the flowers, however; accents such as vases, table settings, and much more will need to be considered in order to complement the floral arrangements and create a beautiful aesthetic for the venue.


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