What Do PHP Coders Do?

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PHP is a scripting language for web pages and some applications. People who know PHP often work in web development, designing websites or applications that make the website run. On the job, PHP coders work with the scripting language alone or with others. A major part of coding is debugging, which is a process every PHP coder knows how to do. Coders are always learning; sometimes they learn new commands or just new ways of doing things.

Some PHP coders work in website design; in fact, the vast majority of websites incorporate PHP code. This language helps people to log into websites, display information relevant to viewers, and much more. Some executions are basic and there is no need to hire a professional rather than use a ready-made template. For bigger projects, such as creating a social networking website, hiring someone who knows PHP well is usually the only option.

In some cases, PHP coders concentrate on applications, whether web-based, computer-based, or for another device. They must usually be skilled in other programming languages. Large applications are often worked on by more than one PHP developer, so teamwork is valued.


A coder knows how to optimize code and uses this knowledge to make websites and applications run as fast as possible. When coding PHP, a lot depends on how it is written; for example, writing two different lines of code can produce the effect, but one is more efficient than the other. Good PHP coders are always thinking about how best to execute their code.

No matter what job a PHP coder takes on, part of the work usually includes debugging. Coding is trial and error sometimes, and finding and fixing that error can take seconds or hours. Debugging is made easier when the code is organized and labeled. Messy coders often leave pages of code that is hard to decipher with few to no notes on how things work. A PHP coder who cleans up after a messy coder can sometimes spend his or her first weeks fixing or rearranging someone else’s work rather than breaking new ground.

The PHP coding language is always in development, and is occasionally updated to be more flexible. In addition, like with musical instruments, painting, and other skills, it is not possible to know everything there is to know about PHP. PHP coders, therefore, are often learning new things and sometimes getting new certifications that help employers to identify people who are serious about PHP and know the language well.


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