What Do Management and Technology Consultants Do?

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Management consultants are third party consultants brought in to review the processes of a business. The consultant makes recommendations to the company on how to make its operating procedures better. Technology consultants are specifically concerned with evaluating and making recommendations on the hardware and software and IT processes of the business. So, management and technology consultants review and make recommendations specifically on the technology procedures of a business or company.

Management and technology consultants may work for a consulting company or as freelance consultants. One of the primary duties or responsibilities that someone who is considering going into this profession is that it typically includes a lot of travel. Management and technology consultants travel to the site of the client they are working for and may spend days, weeks and in some cases, months onsite working with the clients.

These consultants typically start by meeting with the upper management of the company. The purpose of the meeting is gather information and opinions from the top and then work their way down through the different divisions or departments. Management and technology consultants are often brought in by upper management because management perceives there is a specific problem with the technology process, software or hardware systems that the company is using.


Management and technology consultants then schedule meetings with employees from all of the different departments. This includes the technology department employees, but touches all of the departments. Since the technology of a company is in use or somehow affects every employee in the company, the consultant must gather information on how it affects each department before making an evaluation or recommendations of any kind.

After meetings, discussions and interviews, management and technology consultants observe the processes of the company. Depending on the business, the management and technology consultants may observe from a distance or may sit with individual employees or departments to shadow the employees as they conduct their daily job tasks.

Once the technology and management consultants have gathered all of the information they need, they evaluate the technology processes of the business and make recommendations on what about the processes are good and what tweaks or complete changes may be required. The consultant typically puts this in writing in a formal report to the management of the company. The consultants give this report to the management and then meet to discuss it in detail.

Some consultants stay on to help the company implement the recommended changes. Other consultants refer the company to the professionals they need to bring on to make the necessary changes.


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