What do I Have to Know Before I Buy Wireless Speakers?

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In many homes and offices, being able to install a speaker system is made easier by the availability of wireless speaker systems. There are wireless speakers to suit any need, including speakers that operate with a wide variety of audio and video electronics, home entertainment systems and wireless computer networks.

When choosing to buy wireless speakers, keep in mind that despite being called wireless, there is no speaker system that is completely without some type of connection device, which can include small wires or an internal transmittal device. That means whatever wireless speaker system you buy, you will need to verify that it can connect with the electronics devices you are trying to amplify with sound. The best way to check this is to review the manufacturer’s paperwork or packaging that comes with the wireless speakers or talk with a sales associate to determine if the style speakers you are getting will work with the intended devices.


As you are trying to decide to buy wireless speakers, consider how you plan to use them in your home or office. If you will be using them on top of a desk, such as with a laptop computer, you will want to buy wireless speakers that don’t take up a lot of room or can be tucked into corners of your desk. If you are planning on using the wireless speakers as part of your home entertainment system or for overhead music systems, consider how you will mount the speakers to walls and ceilings or if you will need to buy special mounting displays or brackets to accomplish this.

When deciding to buy wireless speakers, you will also want to select speakers that can handle the amount of space in your home or office for the best sound quality. Be sure to take measurements of the room or area where the speakers will be used and have this information with you when you select wireless speakers capable of transmitting adequate levels of sound throughout the entire square footage of the area. Failure to do this will result in disappointment and poor sound and volume quality.

An additional factor to consider as you buy wireless speakers to use with audio or video equipment is if the speakers can be adjusted from your vantage point. For example, for high overhead speakers or those connected to complex home entertainment systems, will you have remote access to adjust sound levels or a central control where you can get the sound just right? If you can’t make adjustments to the wireless speakers, it may be difficult to enjoy them when in use on a daily basis.


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