What Causes Testicular Ache?

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The testicles are the male sex glands and are responsible for making and storing sperm. The testicles also produce the male hormone known as testosterone. When a male experiences testicular ache, it can be quite concerning. Some potential causes for this type of pain can include infection, trauma, or an emergency situation known as testicular torsion. Treatment depends on the reason for the testicular ache, making it important for the patient to report all cases to a doctor right away.

Epididymitis is the medical term for an infection of one or both testicles and is a common reason for testicular ache. This type of infection is often the result of sexually transmitted diseases or an enlarged prostate gland. There are other possible reasons for this type of an infection as well, and the doctor will likely order blood testing or other tests in an effort to find the origin of the infection. Oral antibiotics are usually prescribed to treat the infection, with pain medication and bed rest often being ordered as well until the infection heals and the pain stops.


Physical trauma is another potential cause of testicular ache. For instance, if the patient suffers a direct blow to the genital region, testicular pain often develops. In some cases, testicular bruising is the cause of the pain. In other situations, blood may accumulate around the testicle, or the testicle may actually rupture, causing a medical emergency. Prompt medical attention is therefore essential in an effort to prevent the possibility of severe complications.

Testicular torsion is an emergency situation in which the testicle twists inside of the scrotum. When this happens, the blood vessels also twist, leading to interruption of the blood supply to the testicle and causing aching testicles. In order to save the testicle, emergency surgery is required in cases of testicular torsion.

Kidney stones may occasionally cause pain that radiates from the kidney area to the groin area, leading to testicular ache. An inguinal hernia may also cause pain in this area. A hernia develops when a portion of the intestines protrudes through the abdominal wall. With so many different medical conditions potentially leading to testicular ache, it is not wise for the patient to attempt self-diagnosis or treatment. All symptoms should be reported to a doctor right away so that an accurate diagnosis can be made and an individualized treatment plan can be developed.


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Post 2

@Reminiscence, I definitely feel your pain. One time I was doing some construction work and I had to carry a load of bricks across the site. I didn't realize how heavy the load was, so when I picked up the handles on the wheelbarrow, I felt a searing pain go right through my lower back and testicles. The strain caused an inguinal hernia, and the pain radiated through my testicles. I had to have surgery to repair the hernia, and I had to take prescription painkillers for a while.

Post 1

If people only understood how painful a blow to the testicles can be, they wouldn't be so eager to watch those "shot to the crotch" videos on TV. I received a severe blow to my testicles when a line drive baseball came straight at me. The pain was undescribable, and I had to be carried off the field on a stretcher. I had serious bruises for weeks, along with a constant dull pain in my lower abdomen. Getting hit in the testicles is no laughing matter.

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