What Attractions Should I Visit in Pittsburgh?

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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is a mid-sized metropolitan area of more than 300,000 residents. It is the second-largest city in Pennsylvania, after Philadelphia. Once known for a large steel industry and horrible pollution, it has since evolved into a clean, modern city with many interesting sights. There are many attractions in Pittsburgh worth visiting.

One of the most popular attractions in Pittsburgh is the Andy Warhol Museum. The famous artist was born and raised in Pittsburgh, and there is now a large museum in his honor, featuring many of his own works and exhibits from modern artists that follow in his footsteps. Nearby is the Mattress Factory, a museum dedicated to large-scale installation art, in which one work can take up an entire room.

Many attractions in Pittsburgh are cultural in nature. The city is home to the Carnegie Art Museum and the Carnegie Museum of Natural History, which boasts one of the best dinosaur exhibits in the United States. Some of the attractions in Pittsburgh aimed at children are the Carnegie Science Center and the Pittsburgh Children's Museum, both located on the North Side of the city.


One of the best attractions in Pittsburgh is a neighborhood called the Strip District, which is home to many independent shops and restaurants. The Strip District is by far the best place for food shopping in the city, with Italian, Asian, Middle Eastern, and Mexican groceries, along with an eclectic mix of other shops. Other neighborhoods that serve as attractions in Pittsburgh are the South Side, which has a variety of nightclubs, bars, and restaurants; Shadyside, Pittsburgh's most upscale shopping district; and Squirrel Hill, the center of the city's Jewish community and home to many restaurants and independent retailers.

Most people will agree that one of the best attractions in Pittsburgh is the architecture. There are hundreds of unique bridges and buildings in Pittsburgh, including the Cathedral of Learning, which is one of the tallest educational buildings in the world. To get a great view of the city, ride the incline to the top of Mount Washington, where you'll get an amazing vantage point overlooking the downtown area.

Other great attractions in Pittsburgh include frequent concerts by nationally-known musicians; a highly-acclaimed theater scene; and frequent art and literary events. Pittsburgh has changed immensely over the years. Today, the city is a cultural center that can rival any other in the United States.


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One tidbit of information on Pittsburgh is that it has the distinction of being one of the top well-read cities.

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What I would recommend to visit when in Pittsburgh is Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater masterpiece. Even though it is about 1hr 30min drive from Pittsburgh it is something worth seeing. I found the drive itself enjoyable through the green, rolling hills of southwestern Pennsylvania. The Fallingwater house, that Wright built for the Kaufmann family in the 1930's as a weekend retreat, is a one of a kind house, and apparently one of the most famous private residences in the world.

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