What Are Zucchini Chips?

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Zucchini is a type of summer squash that somewhat resembles a cucumber. This vegetable can be dehydrated or baked in an oven to make zucchini chips. Before doing so, the squash is sliced into very thin pieces and then dipped in a mixture of milk, egg, breadcrumbs, or flour along with various spices. When it has become crispy around the edges, this dish is ready to serve as a snack, appetizer, or side dish.

These vegetable chips are best when freshly picked zucchini is used to make them. Any variety of zucchini can be used to do this. First, the squash should be cut into very thin slices that are nearly transparent. The zucchini does not need to be peeled before doing so, and leaving the peel on the squash helps it retain a crispy texture.

After cutting the zucchini slices, they are then dipped into a liquid and then breaded. Many people use egg and milk to dip the zucchini chips in. Other ingredients, such as parmesan cheese, black pepper, or garlic, could also be added to this mixture for flavor. Once the slices are moist, they can be dipped in either flour or very coarse bread crumbs before being baked in an oven.


It can take a very long time to make zucchini chips in an oven because they must be placed on very low heat in order to keep from burning. Some people like to use a dehydrator to make them, but this is sometimes difficult because the pieces can become too brittle. A crock pot could be ideal for making these vegetable chips, but a microwave is not recommended.

When zucchini chips are finished baking, they will be slightly crispy around the edges and firm and light brown in the center. Although the edges may be crunchy, the flesh of the zucchini should be tender. They taste best when eaten fresh from the oven and may lose some of their tenderness if they are reheated later.

Zucchini chips can be a good dish to serve as an appetizer at a party and can be served with various dips, such as salsa. They could also be a good snack for parents to give to their children because these vegetable chips are nutritious and low in fat. When cheese is sprinkled over top of the slices, these chips could make an ideal side dish when served alongside beef, pork, or chicken.


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