What Are Yogurt Scones?

C. Mitchell

Yogurt scones are small bread-based snacks that feature yogurt as the primary wet ingredient. Scones are often presented in baked wedges, and are commonly enjoyed as a breakfast food or as a mid-afternoon snack, often with tea. Like most breads, scones require milk, cream, or some other thickening “wet” ingredient to mix in with the flour and other dry ingredients. Yogurt fills this role in yogurt scones, lending a creamier, often moister consistency to the finished product.

Scones are traditionally eaten at teatime.
Scones are traditionally eaten at teatime.

All scones are quick breads, which means that they do not require yeast or any rising time. Bakers can simply mix the wet and dry ingredients, form the dough into the desired shape, and cook immediately. Most yogurt scones are made with little more than flour, eggs, sugar, and yogurt.

Yogurt may be used to make scones.
Yogurt may be used to make scones.

In most preparations, the dough for yogurt scones is gathered into several round balls that cooks must knead into smoothness, then flatten slightly and divide into four wedges. There is no fixed scone size. Some are little more than a few bites, while others are significantly larger. Almost all are wedge-shaped, whether or not they were actually cut from a common whole.

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Plain is the most common flavor to use when baking with yogurt, though flavored varieties are popular in scones. Adding vanilla yogurt can lend added sweetness, for instance. Fruit-based flavors also work well in fruit-flavored scones, particularly those that contain real or dried fruit pieces.

Yogurt is not a traditional addition to scones but is one that is growing in popularity. The original scone, which is believed to have been created by bakers in what is now the United Kingdom, was a tough, dry bread that usually contained oats. Modern scone recipes usually try to recreate that dry, crumbly texture. Adding yogurt adds a bit of moisture and a creamier texture.

There is no right or wrong way to prepare yogurt scones, and the varieties are vast. The only thing that distinguishes yogurt scones is the presence of yogurt in the ingredients. Yogurt scones often include oats, fruits, nuts, or spices, just as regular scones do.

Yogurt products are prized for many different health benefits, as well as for their smooth and creamy consistency. Most contain high levels of calcium and other essential minerals and vitamins, as well as hosting live and active cultures, which can help digestive health. Cooking yogurt often kills or impairs the live and active cultures, but most other benefits remain. Eating yogurt scones and other yogurt-based foods is not usually as beneficial as simply eating yogurt &mdahs; but it is often healthier than eating comparable foods made with a lot of butter or cream.

Yogurt scones often include oats as an ingredient.
Yogurt scones often include oats as an ingredient.

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