What Are Yogurt Parfaits?

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Yogurt parfaits are usually breakfast, lunch, or snack items that have layers of yogurt, fruit, and some type of cereal such as granola in a dessert glass or plastic cup. Because they look like a dessert, parfaits are often a favorite snack or breakfast food for kids, and can be easily prepared at home. Yogurt parfaits are also a popular menu item at a lot of fast food restaurants and workplace cafeterias because they are portable, but contain less fat and calories than some other quick breakfast options. Consumers who are trying to make healthy choices should be aware, however, of the nutritional information for these prepared items, as some may have higher sugar and fat contents than others.

It can be difficult to find healthful breakfast foods for families that can also be prepared quickly and eaten on the go, especially for picky eaters. Yogurt parfaits may be a good option because they are very easy to make – simply layer the ingredients in a plastic cup or even in a sealable container. Sometimes, the parfaits can be made the night before so they are ready to go in the morning when families are often pressed for time. It is also a good combination of protein, whole grain, and fruit depending on the ingredients that are used.


Any fruits or cereals that a child likes can be paired with the yogurt, which can also be any flavor. They can also be packed in a lunch box as long as it can be kept in the refrigerator or in an insulated container with an ice pack. Sometimes, picky children eat better if they participate in preparing the food, and yogurt parfaits are easy for even a young child to help make. They can also choose the type of fruit, yogurt, and cereal at the grocery store for their parfaits.

Yogurt parfaits are advertised by a number of restaurants and other stores that sell prepared foods as low fat and calorie items that are a healthier choice than many of their other offerings. For people trying to make healthier food choices, however, it is important to know the nutritional content of these menu items. If a yogurt parfait is made with full fat yogurt or fruit that is in a sugar syrup, it may be a less nutritious choice than a person might think. Many yogurt parfaits also contain granola, which can sometimes be high in fat or sugar.


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Post 2

We like to make our own yogurt parfaits at home. This is about the only way I can get my kids to eat vanilla yogurt. While you certainly don't have to use vanilla yogurt to make a parfait, I think it brings out the taste of the fresh fruit.

I always have several fresh fruit options available for my kids to choose for their parfait. Sometimes they might have more fruit than yogurt and other times it might be just the opposite.

There is really no right or wrong way to make them, and as long as they are filled with good things, it doesn't really matter.

Post 1

I am glad that many of the fast food restaurants are starting to offer healthier food choices. When I go to McDonald's, one thing I like to order is their yogurt parfait off the dollar menu.

While this might not be the healthiest thing for me, it is certainly much better than eating a hot fudge sundae or a hot apple pie. They sell these with a packet of granola that you can mix in if you want to.

I love adding the granola to the parfait, but my kids prefer to eat them plain. I think these are also a healthier option for my kids than eating ice cream.

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