What are Yard Sprayers?

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Yard sprayers are devices used to spray chemicals on a lawn or garden. They come in various sizes and may be hand-held or carried on a person's back. These tools normally consist of a canister, to which a thin hose is attached. At the end of this hose is a nozzle from which the product is released. There might be a pump-type handle that provides air pressure so the chemical can flow freely.

Common uses for yard sprayers include adding lawn fertilizer or for pest control. A homeowner might also put chemicals into this equipment in order to kill weeds. Such a sprayer might also be used in a yard, on a patio, or in a vegetable garden.

There are a number of different sizes of garden sprayers. Smaller ones can hold approximately one gallon (3.79 l) of liquid, while larger ones can hold anywhere from three to four gallons (11.37 to 15.16 l). The type of tool a person might need can depend on the size of the area to be treated.


The size of lawn sprayer can affect the way it is carried. Smaller units that hold up to two gallons (7.58 l) of liquid are normally moved by hand. A three or four gallon (11.37 or 15.16 l) device may be toted on a user's back, due to the fact that it might be too heavy to carry by hand. A few of these larger models might have casters on the bottom or could be placed on a wheeled garden cart for easier use.

Yard sprayers normally have a round canister made of plastic on the bottom. From the top of this section, there is usually a piece of plastic hose approximately two feet (.61 m) long. A nozzle at the end of the hose typically has a lever that is pressed in order to release, or spray, the liquid. There might also be a knob on the side of this piece that allows the user to adjust the flow of chemicals as they are being sprayed. A handle on the top can be pushed up and down, in order to let air into the canister so product can be dispersed through pressure.

The canister typically has lines on the side so a person can see how much material has been added. This is often useful when a chemical solution needs to be partially mixed with water. It also allows the user to know whether or not they are using the recommended amount of product for a particular area.

Yard sprayers are normally easy for most people to use. They can make applying chemicals to a lawn or garden safe and easy to do. Therefore, having one of these items around the house can be a good idea for many homeowners.


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