What are Wrap Towels?

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Wrap towels, also known as towel wraps, bath wraps or shower wraps, are towels designed to be worn after a bath or shower, or over a swimsuit after you get out of the water. Wrap towels might also refer to towels that are wrapped around your hair to keep it up and out of the way before you style it. These towels are designed to remain in place while you walk around.

Wrap towels are often designed with an elastic band at the top and a snap or Velcro® closure. This is to keep the towel in place; usually this means above the bust for women and at the waist for men. For a hair wrap, the snap keeps the towel tightly in place so the hair can finish drying and stay out of your way.

There are also wrap towels designed for kids. They sometimes feature popular cartoon characters or are designed to look like animals. These towels often have hoods to keep babies and kids warmer after a bath.

Wrap towels come in many different colors and patterns to match the decor of your home or bathroom. You can also find wrap towels that match a bathing suit. If you want to personalize your towels, you can add a monogram of your initials. Monogrammed towels can also make a good gift for a newly married couple, or a good housewarming gift.


When you get out of the shower or bath, you might wear a wrap towel while you get ready in the morning, for example while styling your hair or putting on makeup. You might also wear a wrap towel at the beach or when you get out of the pool, to be a bit more comfortable or modest. These towel wraps are usually much bigger than a standard-sized towel because they are designed to actually be worn rather than just used to dry off.

Towel wraps are designed to be very absorbent and are usually made of cotton or terry cloth, though some are made of velour. Some of them are designed in a "waffle" pattern. There are also newer, eco-friendly wrap towels that are made of bamboo. Wrap towels can be found in most home stores and ordered online. It is important to buy a well-made wrap towel, as they will likely get a lot of use and you do not want the towel to start fraying or pulling apart.


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