What Are Wide-Leg Boots?

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Many plus-size women as well as those with muscular figures have difficulty finding boots which fit their legs comfortably. To address this problem, some shoe manufacturers offer wide-leg boots, or boots with a larger calf circumference than those typically found in stores. In general, the best selection of wide-leg boots can be found online. To ensure that a pair of wide-leg boots will fit, shoppers should measure their calves prior to purchase.

Wide-leg boots are essentially identical in appearance to standard-width products. The only difference between the two is that wide boots are more spacious around the calf, ankle, and where applicable, knee and thigh areas than their non-wide counterparts. This extra room makes them suitable for shoppers who find standard boots too narrow, a group which may include plus-size women as well as those who have very muscular legs.

While boots in specialty sizes have long been produced, many stylish women have complained that they were available only in unfashionable designs. As of the late 20th century, however, shoe manufacturers began taking note of the demand for wide-leg boots which were just as stylish as those found on the shelves of the trendiest stores. Popular manufacturers began producing their boots in both standard and wide-leg versions, and a number of manufacturers dedicated solely to making stylish wide-leg products emerged.


In general, the best selection of wide-leg boots can be found online. Many department stores and other retail shops may not stock wide-leg versions of their boots in-store, but these wide versions are made available on the stores’ websites. Further, with a quick Internet search it is possible to find a range of online retailers that cater exclusively to wide-width boot and shoe shoppers.

Perhaps the main disadvantage of purchasing boots online is that they cannot be tried on prior to purchase. In order to increase the chance that a pair of wide-leg boots will fit properly, therefore, shoppers should measure the circumference of their calves before they buy. To take this measurement, simply wrap a tape measure around the widest point of the calf. Make a note of the measurement and keep it at hand while boot shopping. Most online shoe retailers include a product’s calf circumference among the other product details, and shoppers can simply check to ensure that their measurement does not exceed that of the boot’s calf area.


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