What Are Wicking Pajamas?

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Wicking pajamas are garments worn to bed for warmth and comfort; these garments are made from moisture wicking materials that pull moisture away from the skin to increase comfort and to help modulate one's body temperature. They are usually worn by people who routinely suffer from night sweats or hot flashes, though wicking pajamas can also be worn by people camping in cool or cold weather to ensure the camper stays warm and comfortable throughout the night.

Most moisture wicking pajamas are marketed toward women, since they are more likely than men to experience night sweats and hot flashes, though pajamas for men are manufactured as well. Regardless of the gender for which the pajamas are made, they are usually designed to be attractive as well as functional. They may feature patterns or different colors, and they may come in short sleeve or long sleeve models, as well as shorts or pants. The specific cut and design of the garments can vary by manufacturer; some manufacturers specialize in only one gender, or even in plus-size clothing.


The materials used to make wicking pajamas are almost always synthetic fibers. Polyester and polypropylene are common materials used to make wicking pajamas, since these materials can be designed to pull moisture away from the skin. These materials are also fast-drying, ensuring the sleeper stays comfortable even if night sweats are experienced. The moisture is pulled away from the skin fairly quickly, and the garment then dries out for comfort. These pajamas are sometimes known as menopause pajamas or hot flash pajamas because of the function of the garments in relation to the way women are most likely to use them.

It is likely that moisture wicking pajamas will be more expensive than normal pajamas because the materials used to make these garments are usually more expensive in general. It is possible to buy just a top or just a bottom, cutting the initial cost of the pajama purchase, though in many cases, the pajamas are sold as a set that includes both a top and a bottom. Buying these types of pajamas might be difficult, as most clothing stores are not likely to carry them, though wicking pajamas are readily available for purchase online at a number of merchant websites. Men's pajamas are available as well, and the garments function in much the same way as the pajamas designed for women.


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Wicking pajamas work great for night sweats. I found mine online. I buy them for my husband and for myself.

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