What are Wet Bars?

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A wet bar is a bar in a home that is used for mixing alcoholic beverages and other types of drinks. In order to make it possible to mix drinks, a wet bar contains a flat counter-like surface on which the beverages and glassware can be placed. A wet bar also contains a sink that generally has running water, which can be used for cleaning the glassware or for adding water to beverages as needed.

The sink in a wet bar may either be a “wet” sink or a “dry” sink. A wet sink is one with plumbing lines attached to it in order to provide the running water. If the wet bar has a dry sink, however, it is not attached to plumbing. Therefore, it does not have running water. The dry sink in a wet bar still has many uses, such as being filled with ice in order to provide a quick chill to beverages.

In most cases, a wet bar also contains a recessed area close to the sink. This area is meant for installing a small refrigerator. Beneath the counter area of the wet bar, there is also a storage area. This storage area provides a place for bottles of beverages as well as glassware.


In most wet bar designs, the cabinets have adjustable shelving units inside. This makes it possible to change the height of the shelves in order to accommodate various sized bottles and glassware. In order to create a more attractive appearance, the cabinets of a wet bar usually have doors that can be opened or closed to hide the beverages and glassware.

In most homes, the wet bar is constructed out of wood. The counter of this type of wet bar is usually laminated in order to make it easy to clean up spills. In some cases, however, the wet bar may be made of stainless steel. The stainless steel wet bar is generally more expensive than one made of wood. In addition, several companies sell kits for creating wood wet bar designs, making it easy for the do-it-yourselfer to build a wet bar in his or her home.


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Post 2

The future plans for my man cave have always include a wet bar for home entertainment. I've even gone as far as asking a home designer friend to come up with some bar design plans. He said my biggest investments would be home bar furniture and new plumbing fixtures. I'd have to have some water lines routed to the corner of the man cave and a drainage system installed.

I have a group of guys from work who take turns hosting football parties, and the best locations always have a wet bar. I want to get some standard refrigerators to store cases of beer, and home bar cabinets to hold the bottles of liquors and mixers. I can still watch the game from the proposed bar location, so I can become the all-day bartender if I want. I can't wait to make it happen!

Post 1

My wife and I aren't big social drinkers, but the house we bought included a wet bar near the outdoor pool area. I didn't think we'd use it much, but it turned out to be a great location for a snack and soft drink bar for swimmers. We keep a supply of dry snacks, like bagged potato chips and cheese puffs, in the cabinets where the bar glasses would have gone.

The fridge usually has cases of soft drinks, and we also have a small freezer for ice cream treats and frozen candy bars (my favorite). If my children have a lot of friends over, I'll usually play "bartender" and dole out the treats on request.

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