What are Weight Gloves?

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Weight gloves are most often used by weight lifters to decrease hand strain and muscle fatigue during weight lifting exercises. The use of weight gloves allows for extra "set" repetitions, while providing protection to hands, fingers, wrists and arms. Weight gloves can also be used by guitarists, typists, material handlers, or anyone in a profession where conditions like carpal tunnel and/or arthritis are prevalent.

These unique tools are usually finger-less and made out of a heavy leather material surrounding the palms. The rest of the glove is constructed from elastic or spandex to fit snugly around the hand. Most gloves utilize velcro or shoe strings to tie at the top of the hand or wrist, while some slide-on snugly with spandex material that contours to the silhouette of the hand.

Weight gloves help decrease the occurrence of palm blisters, calluses, discomfort and most importantly serious injuries. Those who already experience pain because of injury or diseases like tennis elbow, carpal tunnel, tendinitis, bursitis or arthritis find great relief in weight gloves. For example, tendinitis is experienced when a tendon gets inflamed from too much movement or exercise. Tendinitis can be cured with rest, ice, physical therapy and weight gloves that stabilize the tendons and take pressure off the joint. They work in a similar way for conditions such as arthritis, carpal tunnel and bursitis.


Weight gloves can be purchased at most sporting good stores. They range in cost from $15 to $65. If one is involved in a serious exercise or weight lifting program, it is commonly advised that new weight gloves be purchased every three months to avoid ripping and possible injury.

Like most exercise equipment, it is important to take care of your weight gloves and keep them free of moisture and dirt. After a sweaty workout, the gloves should be stored in an area where they can dry quickly. Weight gloves can usually be washed in warm water using a mild detergent and hung out of direct sunlight to dry.


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Post 3

I have a pair of fitness gloves that are full length gloves, fingers included. I have heard them referred to as women's weight lifting gloves, but you can use them for racket sports, rowing sports and as running gloves.

With weight lifting, my main reason for wearing gloves is to prevent my hands from getting too beaten up, and these gloves work well for that purpose. I lift light weight, so for people who lift the heavier weight, the gloves may not work as well.

Post 2

Years ago, when I was working out with weights regularly, I bought the partially leather weight lifting gloves with the cut-out fingers, like the style mentioned in the article.

I had a tendency to lose the gloves, but they were cheap ones. They cost nowhere near the price of the ones mentioned in the article, but they worked well, and when I misplaced them I would just buy a new pair. I don't know what they would cost today.

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