What are Wedding Line Dances?

Jessica Hobby

When the nuptials are done and it’s time for the bridal party and guests to let their hair down, many put on their dancing shoes to head to the reception and partake in traditional wedding line dances. Line dancing at weddings has become popular over the years because it offers a way where all of the guests can participate in the celebration of the happy couple’s wedding. Wedding line dances promote interaction among the guests, get the party started and keep it going.

People at a wedding reception.
People at a wedding reception.

Some modern wedding line dances are performed with a group, but there is no contact with other people. The steps to the line dances are performed in individual spaces across the dance area. This alignment is also popular in country music.

A couple getting married.
A couple getting married.

The Electric Slide is the most popular out of all wedding line dances. It consists of left and right grapevine steps coupled with a backward slide, a rock step and a quarter turn. Because it is easy to learn, the Electric Slide is a favorite and no wedding reception is complete without it.

For couples who opt to have a Western-themed wedding, they have many choices for wedding line dances. Line dancing and country music go hand in hand. Three of the most popular country line dances are the Cotton-eyed Joe, the Tush Push, and the Boot Scootin’ Boogie. The Cotton-eyed Joe is an example of a line dance that is performed with a partner. Partners travel the dance floor in a circle performing polka stops and stop occasionally to perform standing kicks.

For receptions that incorporate a lot of pop music, there are many wedding line dances to rhythm and blues or hip-hop music. Some of the most requested are the Tootsie Roll, Strokin’, Macarena, and The Cha-Cha Song. These line dances are also performed in an individual space on the dance floor.

Older more traditional wedding line dances that have been enjoyed for years are a Conga line, The Hokey Pokey, and the Chicken Dance. A Conga line is usually headed up by the bride and groom with the rest of the guests grabbing on to the final person in the line and weaving around the dance floor. The Hokey Pokey and the Chicken Dance are performed in a circle, where wedding guest can scope out the dance moves on the other side of the circle.

There is no need for wedding guests to learn these dances ahead of time, as many times the band or DJ will offer instruction. If not, there are usually two or three people that know the dance. The best way to learn wedding line dances is to head out to the dance floor and join them.

A marriage certificate.
A marriage certificate.

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Cupid shuffle and cotton eyed joe really got the guests out of their seats!


SurfNturf- Wow, that sounds like fun. I love the YMCA. That is also a song that gets people to the dance floor no matter what. Everyone knows what to do when the letters YMCA are mentioned in the song.

Everyone raises their arms and form the letters. It is really a blast. This is the perfect wedding line dance song.

I have to say that I like it a little more than the Electric Slide because there is not so much coordination needed.

You just have to move your arms with YMCA, but with the Electric Slide you have to follow the steps and have the right timing in order for the dance to work. It can get confusing sometimes.


I love the Electric Slide and the Congo. Everyone danced to these songs at my wedding. It was so fun. Even people that were generally shy came out to dance.

It really got the party going. My photographer even took pictures of all of us performing the Conga. What a great experience.

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