What are Water Well Drillers?

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Water well drillers are people who drill wells to access groundwater. They can work independently or as part of a larger water well drilling company, offering assistance with establishing new wells, testing previously drilled wells, and maintaining wells to keep them safe and productive. Many water well drillers belong to professional associations which offer opportunities to keep up with developments in the field, ranging from policy changes to the latest well drilling equipment.

When customers contact a water well driller to discuss drilling a new well, the driller talks with the customer about his or her needs. Commercial customers have different needs from residential ones, for example, and a well which is going to serve several households needs to be more productive than a well which will just serve one. The water well driller will also visit the site to get an idea about the topography of the area, and to investigate several possible sites for sinking a well.


Water well drillers are also concerned about preserving groundwater, as water is a limited resource. Part of their work involves using water efficiently and wisely, which includes the avoidance of drilling in areas which will impact existing wells. These water management professionals are also concerned with the potential for pollutants in water, and with the long-term health of their wells. Sinking a productive well is not very helpful if the well goes dry in a few years, requiring a knowledge of hydrology for a working water well driller.

Often, it is necessary to sink several test wells to find the best site for a permanent well. Once the best site is identified, it can be enlarged and made into a well, and prepared for the installation of a pump to bring water up from the bottom of the well. Ideally, the well should exceed the needs of the customer, ensuring that there will be a plentiful supply of water at all times, and the water well driller will also test the water for quality to confirm that it is safe and pleasant to drink.

While people in urban areas rely on municipal water for their drinking water and other water needs, people in rural locations need access to drilled wells or springs. Water well drillers work primarily in rural regions as a result. In addition to working in the field, water well drillers also need to spend time in the office, keeping up with recent regulations in the industry.


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