What are Water Saving Shower Heads?

Mary McMahon

Water saving shower heads are shower heads which are designed to decrease water usage. There are a number of reasons to choose a shower head which uses water efficiently, including a desire to save money on water bills, or a need to comply with localized water usage restrictions. Many hardware stores sell water saving shower heads, and it is also possible to order them directly through various manufacturers.

A water saving shower head.
A water saving shower head.

Some people are under the impression that a water saving shower head delivers a meager trickle of water which is barely sufficient for washing. While severely restricting the amount of water which can flow through the shower head is one method for saving water, there are better techniques to use. Some water saving shower heads are so well-designed that people may not notice the difference between them and conventional shower heads.

Although some shower heads help conserve water, the stream of water may not be very strong.
Although some shower heads help conserve water, the stream of water may not be very strong.

One way to save water is to increase the water pressure. The weaker the pressure, the more water is needed. Many water saving shower heads are designed in a way which increases water pressure, allowing less water to be used to bathe. Other water saving shower heads are designed to turn themselves on and off, encouraging people to use water to get wet, and to leave the water off while they lather up. Water saving shower heads with manual switches which allow people to keep their hot and cold water settings while turning the water off are also available.

There are also some creative ways in which a shower head can be used to encourage people to conserve water. Some shower heads are on timers which turn the water off and leave it off after a set period of time such as five minutes, while others may have light displays which indicate how much water is being used, encouraging people to shower quickly and efficiently. Programmable settings which can be used to adjust the rate and intensity of the water flow can also be included in water saving shower heads.

It is hard to know how well a shower head will work until you experience it in action. Alas, most hardware stores do not have a line of shower stalls with water saving shower heads installed so that people can see how the shower heads feel. One way to test water saving shower heads is to take note of shower heads at hotels. Most hotels use water saving plumbing to save money, and if you think that a hotel has a particularly good shower head, don't be afraid to ask about the make and model. You may also ask friends if they have a water saving shower head which you can test before plunging into a purchase for yourself. It is also possible to find ratings online, with a search for ratings and reviews in your favorite search engine.

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