What Are Tuna Rissoles?

Kristeen Moore

Cooking with tuna can seem boring, but there are different types of fish dishes that utilize other healthy ingredients that families can eat together. Tuna rissoles are a type of croquette-like seafood dish derived from a combination of tuna and vegetables, as well as other varying ingredients. This unique take on tuna fish can be served as an appetizer, or even as a main dish accompanied by soup or salad.

Tuna rissoles are usually made with fresh or canned tuna, rice, and vegetables.
Tuna rissoles are usually made with fresh or canned tuna, rice, and vegetables.

Tuna is the most important part of these rissoles. Fresh tuna can be cooked in advance and shredded or cut finely. Most cooks opt for canned tuna packed in water mixes with the rest of the ingredients better than oil-based canned tunas. Depending on the palate, white albacore may be chosen over canned dark meat tuna.

White rice is the next key ingredient in tuna rissoles, preferably the long-grain version. Brown rice is not preferred, as it tends to make the dish too dry, though it can be softened by using chicken broth. The rice must be cooked ahead of time, since the frying process does not allow for the grains to soften.

Vegetables are the other primary items included in tuna rissoles. Chefs can get creative when choosing the vegetables, as most types can go with this dish. The most common choices include carrots, corn, zucchini, and onions, as well as tomatoes or tomato paste. Taking into consideration what is in season before choosing the vegetables for the risottos will ensure the freshest taste.

Seasonings, such as pepper and salt, are generally combined with the main ingredients, and the result is then coated with flour as well as bread crumbs. Tuna rissoles are best fried in olive oil so that all of the ingredients stay together. Once cooked, the dish can be baked for extra crispiness, though it might dry out some of the ingredients.

Once the tuna rissoles are cooked, they are best enjoyed immediately. The dish does not particularly last well as a leftover as refrigeration can make the rissoles soggy. Depending on the occasion, this tuna fish dish can be served as an appetizer for a formal event with some wine or served as a main course combined with fish, grains, and vegetables. To complete the meal, it can be served with a salad or a light vegetable soup.

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