What are Tummy Tuck&Reg; Jeans?

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Tummy Tuck® jeans are a type of jeans made by the company Not Your Daughter’s Jeans®. Lisa Rudes-Sandel formed the company in 2003, and their goal was to create and market jeans for women with curves. To this effect, they used a 4% Lycra denim material and special stitching to develop pants that would flatten the stomach area, trim the hips, and lift the buttocks. Since 2005 Tummy Tuck® jeans have become increasingly popular, and there are many celebrities who have attested to the “magic fit” of these jeans.

Though certainly less expensive than an actual tummy tuck, Tummy Tuck® jeans are pricier pants. Lowest prices for certain style are just below $100 US Dollars (USD) and some styles are considerably more expensive. Customer product reviews of these jeans are favorable though. Many people truly appreciate the fit that appears to slim the belly and buttocks.

Some customers have commented that the jeans may stretch out as the day progresses, lessening a tummy tucking effect. Others say the jeans have a tendency to lose this effect with frequent washing. The company recommends following washing instructions carefully to avoid this.


Another thing many people comment on is that Tummy Tuck® jeans needs to be purchased in a size smaller than ordinarily worn in order to get the true tummy tuck effect. There are a number of sizes available, in even numbers, and the jeans do come in plus, plus petite and misses sizes. Some taller women find the jeans too short.

A few other companies have tried to replicate the tummy tuck effect in jeans, but they’re not widely advertised. Irregular versions of the jeans are available online at discounted prices. Trying the jeans on in stores may be a way to ensure better fit, especially with your first pair. The Not Your Daughter’s Jeans® website has a store locator and sells clothing in the US, Australia, Canada, the UK, New Zealand, and the Netherlands.

The companies offerings have expanded beyond one or two styles, and there are now numerous styles and colors to suit different tastes. Availability of various styles will depend on what types of Tummy Tuck® jeans are carried by each reseller, and the company's future plans. Of course, the demands of fashion may also create new pants and jeans styles in the future.


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Post 3

@bythewell - I've heard of some companies that are now attempting to make a range of jean sizes and shapes that can be ordered in different combinations, so that people can pick the measurements that will fit them.

Alternatively, there are definitely people online who will make denim clothes from scratch to particular measurements. I doubt any of them would be able to do exactly what Not Your Daughter's Jeans does, because it sounds like they have a very specific patented process for making jeans, but I imagine you could at least get a pair that were well made and fit your measurements exactly.

Post 2

@MrsPramm - I find it very difficult to find plus size jeans that fit well though. Most of the time they are designed for a particular body shape and since the material doesn't conform, as you say, it means that if you don't fit that exact shape, your jeans are going to be baggy in some areas and tight in others.

I actually like tummy tuck style jeans not because they necessarily hide anything, but because they are at least a little bit more flexible when it comes to fitting different kinds of body shapes.

Post 1

Jeans in general seem to be one of the more slimming kinds of clothes you can wear. I always feel more presentable in jeans than in almost any other kind of pants, even if they aren't specifically made to hide extra weight.

I suppose it's because denim is a fairly stiff material and tries to stay in a certain shape rather than bulging out like looser materials might.

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