What are Trucker Hats?

R. Kayne

Trucker hats are styled like baseball caps, but they have mesh backs and lack any reference to baseball teams. Instead, trucker hats usually have unique sayings or graphics printed on them, similar to the types of sayings seen on tee-shirts.

Trucker hats may be made of several fabrics, including corduroy.
Trucker hats may be made of several fabrics, including corduroy.

Most trucker hats are two-toned, with the bill and front half of the cap one color and the nylon mesh back a contrasting color. Some hats reverse this pattern, with the bill and mesh back matching and the front panel contrasting. An adjustable strap at the back of the cap makes for a "one-size-fits all" design.

Trucker hats were popularized by long-distance truck drivers.
Trucker hats were popularized by long-distance truck drivers.

Most trucker hats have high-domes that bear broad, seamless front panels. The wide front panel makes for an ideal printing area. This differs from a baseball cap, which features a center seam and two diagonal seams for a six-sectioned dome. A hybrid trucker hat crosses these two designs by retaining the mesh back while incorporating the seamed dome of the baseball cap. This type of trucker hat is normally without a design. Trucker hats also come in a "low-profile" style with a less prominent dome.

A unique trucker hat, like the skateboarder's hoodie, can be an item worn with pride and a sense of identification. Trucker hats with more miles often gain value and importance to the wearer. It can even be considered bad luck to lose a long-worn hat.

Hats can be purchased as is or specially ordered with a custom saying or your own graphics in the color scheme of your choice. The price on custom printed trucker hats will vary between vendors and depend on quantity, but even a single custom hat can cost less than US$20.

Trucker hats come in all colors and styles, from smooth solids to corduroys and khakis. They also come in military camouflage patterns of desert tans, jungle greens and mountain browns. There is such a wide variety in the sayings, graphics and designs found on trucker hats, that if you want it on your hat, it probably already exists at one of the many vendor sites. If not, you can have it printed!

If you are interested in purchasing one or more caps, there are many online vendors where you can peruse hundreds of trucker hats and find the style that's just right for you, your business, or your team of truckers.

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