What Are Treehouse Villas?

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A treehouse villa is a luxury accommodation built for those who dream of sleeping with the birds. Typically offered by hotels, a treehouse villa may be perched in natural trees or man-made platforms, and may include incredible luxury features. The style of treehouse villas ranges from fairy tale cottages to zen-inspired, modern retreats, but most designers do their utmost to maximize the unique and eclectic setting to create a truly remarkable dwelling.

For people tired of the same old hotel rooms, a treehouse villa may provide an unusual traveling respites. Typically available in heavily forested areas, villas can be found all over the world, including in Washington, France, South Africa, and the Maldives. Since guests willing to sleep in a tree are clearly looking for a different experience than the average traveler, treehouse villas often provide unique luxury features, such as hot tubs, skylights, and even outdoor beds, that cater to an adventurous taste.


Treehouses may be built using actual trees as the foundation for the primary structure. Careful preparation and assessment is often necessary, to be sure that the trees can bear the weight of the structure, and are in good health. Some builders may simplify the process by instead constructing a house that sits atop a man-made platform, rather than relying on existing natural elements. Man-made platforms can allow visitors to get the experience of a treehouse without causing damage to the nearby trees or worrying about the dangers of weight on a natural structure. Since the demand for luxury treehouses is relatively rare, the construction of a treehouse villa may require a special contractor, and may be quite expensive as compared to a standard bungalow or traveler's accommodation.

Since treehouse villas are typically custom projects, the opportunity for stylistic choices is nearly endless. Treehouses may be built as a series of small buildings attached by ropes, bridges, and ladders, or a single structure resting on a reinforced perch. The design aesthetic may take inspiration from fantasy worlds, tropical design principles, or the curving geometric lines of modern design. Some treehouses are designed with an environmental theme, relying on recycled materials, repurposed wood, and green technology.

Finding treehouse villas to visit may be best accomplished through an Internet search. Since they are rare, it may help to check with travel review websites for recommendations on any treehouse options at a particular destination. Review websites can also be helpful for those who want candid insight into the features, condition, and experience of staying at a particular treehouse accommodation. Treehouse villas may be best for travelers in good physical condition, since stairs, rope ladders, and even swaying bridges are typical features, and those without a fear of heights.


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