What Are Toupee Clips?

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Toupee clips are small clips, generally made of metal or plastic, that are used to attach a toupee to other hair. These clips are suitable both for use with toupees and with some other hair extension products and wigs. Good quality clips should be durable and easy to affix, but need not be expensive. They are suitable for use in situations where a toupee or other hair product can be affixed to some amount of hair and cannot be used in lieu of toupee tape in all cases.

A toupee is a small hairpiece used to cover a bald spot or to add an additional layer of hair for cosmetic purposes. Toupees used to disguise baldness are generally designed to blend in with and match any remaining hair. In order for a toupee to give the impression that it is natural hair, it must be securely fixed in place.

Two techniques are commonly used to attach a toupee to the scalp. In cases where a toupee is small or where there is not enough hair to hold a hairpiece in place, adhesive tape will generally be used to attach the toupee directly to the scalp. This tape bonds securely, but not all wearers find it to be comfortable.


The other common technique for holding a toupee in place involves the use of toupee clips. These clips are made of metal or plastic, and consist of a base that resembles a comb and a locking arm. The comb can be passed through a toupee and other hair and then locked in place. Clips offer a very secure hold and can be more comfortable than tape for some toupee wearers.

If toupee clips are to be worn on an extended basis, it is a good idea to periodically change their location. Failure to do this can place excess stress on hair. This, in turn, can lead to additional hair loss.

In some cases, toupee clips are used to attach other hair ornaments or extensions instead of toupees. They can easily be used to secure a full wig, and should completely prevent slipping during normal wear. When used to attach decorative hair extensions or other costume accessories, toupee clips are used as they are used in other applications. Clips can be fastened through both a hair accessory and ordinary hair and can hold most accessories in place. Care should be taken if large or heavy extensions are used, as these may not be held securely or may require additional clips.


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