What are Tofu Burgers?

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Tofu burgers are very similar to hamburgers, but they are made out of tofu rather than meat. Many vegans and vegetarians enjoy burgers containing tofu regularly because they fit in well with their meat-free diets. Tofu burgers can be made to taste similar to burgers containing meat if spices and marinades are creatively used. At first glance, many people may not realize that tofu burgers aren't hamburgers because the two types of burgers often look very much the same. Tofu is a substance made primarily of soy, and it may be either chewy or soft depending on how it was made and whether or not it was frozen.

People who follow the vegan or vegetarian way of life do not eat meat, and for this reason tofu burgers may be an attractive substitute to hamburgers for them. Tofu burgers contain no meat and are made up of soy, water, and various types of curdling agents. Many people describe the texture of tofu as being similar to cheese. These burgers can be marinated in many of the same substances that hamburgers are marinated in, and as a result the finished product might actually taste similar. Tofu burgers can also be baked, fried, or grilled in much the same way as hamburgers.


Tofu may have either a soft, chewy, or possibly a silky texture, depending on how it is made. Many people freeze tofu that is soft so that it will have a firm, chewy texture. The process of freezing tofu is common for making tofu burgers because the chewier texture tends to be similar to the texture of a hamburger. Tofu that has a firmer texture might also hold together more easily as well as being easier to form into a shape similar to that of a hamburger. Softer tofu usually does not work adequately for making burgers and is instead normally used in soups or other dishes where tofu needs to be blended together with other ingredients.

The health benefits of tofu burgers are another reason why many people eat them. In general, most types of tofu are high in calcium, protein, and B-vitamins. There is also some evidence to suggest that regular consumption of tofu might help reduce cholesterol levels. Tofu also contains isoflavones, a type of plant hormone that tends to mimic estrogen and is commonly found in the majority of soy products. Isoflavones have been shown to reduce the risk of osteoporosis and lessen some of the symptoms of menopause as well as possibly decreasing the risk of breast cancer for many women.


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