What are Titanium Rings?

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Titanium rings are high quality durable jewelry intended for wear on the fingers. The rings are composed of titanium, a lightweight metal that is considered stronger than steel, but weighs considerably less. Sometimes confused with tungsten rings, the titanium versions come in a wide range of designs. Normally, the body of the ring remains the burnished gray to silver hue of the finished product, although there are some manufactures that offer rings featuring a gold or silver overlay.

One of the advantages of wearing a titanium ring is that the metal is highly resistant to some of the problems that can plague softer metals. There is very little potential for the shape of the ring to warp over time, unless an unusual amount of pressure is applied. The surface does not scratch easily, which helps the ring to keep its appearance for a number of years. Titanium rings also require nothing more than basic maintenance in order to retain the original sheen of the metal body.


There are several common types of titanium rings. Many manufacturers specialize in rings that sport a simple and masculine design, making them ideal for men to wear with both casual and formal attire. Sets of titanium wedding bands are also available and are a practical yet attractive alternative to gold or silver bands. There are even birthstone rings made with titanium bands, as well as high school, college, and sports rings composed of this durable and lightweight metal.

Because titanium jewelry resists scratching, it is not unusual for manufacturers to offer guarantees that range from a number of years all the way to the full life of the ring. In the event that the ring does scratch under conditions outlined in the warranty, the jewelry may be replaced at no charge. Under normal wear, the rings are expected to retain their original sheen, even when worn consistently in the shower or kept on while swimming in chlorinated pools or salt water.

In spite of the strength and durability of titanium rings, they are not significantly more expensive than rings made with other types of metal. In fact, there are a number of discount manufacturers that offer the rings at very affordable prices. The rings are often advertised in magazines devoted to male fashion and lifestyle, as well as in niche market publications aimed at various other sectors of the consumer market. More local jewelers are beginning to offer the rings to their customers, making it possible to select from several different designs. A number of manufacturers of titanium rings and other jewelry selections now operate online stores, allowing consumers to order the rings directly from the manufacturer.


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Very informative article.

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Titanium rings also have a different array of design choices than, say gold rings. Titanium rings are usually milled and not formed in a cast like gold. This is due to the strength of titanium and the very high melting point.

As such, titanium rings with inlays--diamond, gold, wood, gemstones, minerals, etc.--are possible because, as noted above, titanium rings will not wear or torque.

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